June 28, 2012

Snidbits of Rori

   I've been reading up on how to properly use the camera we own so as to not demote it into a simple point in shoot when it possess much more potential. I got as far as the whole ISO/aperture part and that's where I've stayed seeing as it exceeds my comprehension. But regardless, I set my camera on the "recommended number" settings, which I admit is probably not much better than just having the camera on automatic, and Rori and I had a fun photo shoot. I coupled my need to learn my camera with my need to put more pictures up on our blog. So here you go - what Rori has been up to lately.....


  First up - Food!!! Aside from the spoon itself, this little miss LOVES to eat. So far peas are her favorite. We're making our own baby food - I had always just thought that's what you did, but apparently it's a THING, as in trendy. But we're doing it anyway.

And along with food come teeth! YAY RORI!!! (Lovely photo, I know, but it perfectly showed her new little toofers).

On the mobility end of things, she attempts to crawl .........but......... most often it ends up looking like this:

Needless to say, she never gets very far. But she tries and we applaud her.                                    

And she loves to play and soak up all the social interaction she can get. Peek-a-boo and randomly being scared seem to be her favorites.  We can't wait to see where she channels all her energy when she's older. I don't think she ever stops moving. 

Naturally summertime has brought the pool into her small world. She isn't sure what she thinks of it yet, but her dad and I sure get excited when she gets in. 

And lastly, I had to add in some girly cuteness. Don't be deceived - we don't ever play dress up. But one day I'll be sure to provide her with the most fantastic dress up box so she can let her imagination run. 


  1. I love these pictures Kelly! You have a great eye and I love your lighting :) Well Done!!!

  2. What an adorable little soul! This just made my day :) Nice shoots girl!