April 6, 2012

To Mexico and back again

For all the millions of people who read our blog - don't fret, our unfaithful blogging phase isn't returning. We just took a trip to Mexico and enjoyed family and fun rather than the internet :). But now we're back.
Miss Rori seems to be quite exhausted from the trip. She has taken  many naps in the two days we've been back. But I know she very much enjoyed the time with family.

    And I might add that she very much grew up over the week. She slept 8 hours every night and went to bed without a problem, started grabbing for things, was almost turning over (she tried until she cried!), interacted a  lot more with everyone, and got her ears pierced! I was so proud of my little girl - although a little sad she's not that tiny little newborn anymore.

   All in all we had a great trip. It was so good for Brian to have a break from work (and a little discouraging for him to come back to it. Pray that another job comes along soon). And there's something about being in Mexico that always puts my heart to rest. I just love the country. And of course we had a great time with my family - I'm so thankful they had the time with Rori.

   Speaking of things I'm thankful for - it's Easter weekend. Nothing quite beats that. Thoughts of Christ's sacrifice makes me pray for Rori and her heart as she grows up. I hope she falls in love with God and that her life is a testament to her middle name, Elise, meaning "Consecrated to God".

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