April 25, 2012

  Thought I would take advantage of the time while the little one is down for a snooze. Brian and I decided to spoil her the other day and brought home this lovely play mate:

 I have to admit - I definitely felt like we were spoiling her a little. I guess I felt like there needed to be a special occasion. I don't imagine we'll just be bringing home toys for our children any given day for no reason at all. But on the other hand this is our first child and it was only one toy. I'm not going to be too hard on myself. And either way, Rori LOVES this new friend of hers. It's fun to see her get so much joy out of something so simple. 

  In other news - Brian had an encouraging week talking to a few jobs/interview. Hopefully something works out. We're both feeling strangely content about being in Michigan right now (I say strangely because it's not somewhere we ever really wanted/planned to live). And I'm sure it's not really all that strange - God has definitely put it in both our hearts to be at peace living here for awhile. And with summer around the corner that always helps!
  We've got a busy next couple of months in May and June with family and friends visiting. We're looking forward to spending the time with everyone. 

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