October 7, 2011

And on we go....

  Well it seems to be set in stone, as soon as October 22nd rolls around we will be heading out of San Antonio forever. The evaluator from the moving company came today - 8 am sharp much to my unhappiness - and took a look around to see what they needed to bring for packing.
  It's so crazy to be moving so quickly. I gave my not-so-two-week notice in at work this week. As sad as I will be to leave all the little ones I have fallen in love with, it's about time for me to say my good byes anyway. With my ever growing stomach and fatigue it's becoming a lot to chase (and try not to carry) babies around all day. But I am sure I will always remember all those little lives I cared for. They already occupy my mind on all my days off.
  But moving out of work will be a good excuse to prepare for our own little one. It's only taken me 7 months to be able to really start preparing :). In a way, I prefer it since it hasn't drawn out the anticipation immensely. We did buy a car seat and stroller a few weeks back. And just the glimpse of them always bring a smile to my face. OH! and as far as the hideous colored changing table Brian posted about a while back - we've greatly updated it. I was not even close to being a fan of how it turned out. It is now a lovely shade of green and we intend on keeping it that way.
  With all these changes I have to say, I get quite sad in the little moments of every day life. Pulling into our apartment complex after a grocery run, walking into our living room and seeing our little home, and pulling out our dishes to cook with. It's sad to know we'll have to say good bye to this little home we've made for a while. And yet, I will say, that part of me is glad we are both sad to leave it. I remember about two months into living here our apartment was pretty bare. We weren't sure how long we would be here, and originally we would be leaving for a 5 months stretch, so we didn't really invest in setting up a home. One day Brian sighed and said he just really needed to feel like he had a home and that this place was ours. So we set to work, and over the past year we made it a point to make ourselves a place to call our own. And now that we're leaving I'm glad we feel like we're losing a part of ourselves - since it means that, up until now, we have been able to possess that sense of comfort and place of belonging.
  Enough sentiments for now :). Hope to update again soon.

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