September 24, 2011

a midnight calm

  I am afraid I have been finding myself quite awake at wee hours of the night. Tonight I just decided to get up and make myself a cub of steamed milk with vanilla. Perhaps it will help me sleep. And now I have found myself here.
  I see that Brian has already posted the new turn in our journey. (Mind you, that isn't what has been keeping me up all these nights. It has more to do with my ever grumbling stomach which has to do with our ever growing baby.) But none the less, being awake does lead my mind to wonder about the future and all that lies ahead.
  In reality right now it seems to be yet another waiting game. Waiting to see what happens, if interviews or jobs are offered etc. But we're making plans as we get more information and go through possible scenarios. It's crazy how quickly things have changed.
  I am so thankful for the peace that God has given both Brian and I. It seems we are taking a fork in the road we had never planned on taking, and yet we know it was meant to be from the beginning. So we are changing our route and are excited (and maybe a little fearful) for what the future holds.
  There are so many questions yet to be answered. Among the ones most forefront in my mind is where we will be when this little one comes. Time will tell...... for now, I'm going to cuddle up and read the book I believe I recommended earlier.

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  1. Perfect explanation of His peace that passes understanding!