September 9, 2011

a good book

     I have high hopes Brian will get on here soon. But for now I'm recommending a book. I'm not even close to being done with it - page 70 to be exact - but I already want to re-read it. It seems to be the truth I've been searching for as I've questioned our idea of Christianity, Christian culture, and Christian community.
     Something has just always been wrong - there was meant to be something more. And I feel as though I'm finding a few of those answers. New Seeds of Contemplation  by Thomas Merton (It's the revised edition). He wrote it and then revised it 12 years later when he felt he had more to say and a different perspective.
     And the book doesn't speak out against culture, Christianity, etc......It doesn't speak against anything as much as it speaks truth and goodness to what we should strive and long for. It's so good. So refreshing to know there really is something else.......

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  1. If you have Netflix sometime watch the documentary Lord, Save Us from Your Followers - I loved it and it answered a lot of questions I've had about what my role is in this world.....i will look for this book!