August 1, 2011

Update Accident

For all of you prayer warriors out there, keep it up.

I arrived safely in Terre Haute, Indiana at 0522 this morning. I have been traveling for the past 12 hours to reach my family, and she was waiting for me outside when I pulled in. We just got done talking for the past few minutes, and she went to bed. Here is the update:

The accident itself involved no other cars, and the vehicle itself landed upright. The glass shattered, and items were strewn about, but the people following described it as flipping 5 times. People that witnessed it gathered the materials that exited before the completion of movement. According to Kelly the people in the vehicle were the only things actually in the vehicle itself when it stopped rolling.

Updates of passengers:
Kelly: seems to be fine. She has some pretty serious bruises on her lower back, and overall is just sore. She is the only one I saw since I have been here.
Baby inside Kelly: awesome. Heartbeat it great, and there is an ultrasound picture of the baby waving hello to me. How nice of my future child to let us know that he (or she) is doing alright in there.
Jaci: she was airlifted to a hospital different than Dorr, Nancy, and Kelly for cuts on her face, arm, and shoulder. I havent seen her, but keep her in your prayers. As the driver, I am sure this will hit her hard. She is out of the hospital now, and headed to a quick recovery, starting with tonight's rest.
Nancy: has a concussion, and a contusion on her lung. Her whole right side of her body is apparently bruised very badly. More to come on her in the morning.
Dorr: Stiches on the back of his head. More to come on him in the morning.

All made it out of the hospital. All are alive.

Praise God that they are all alive.

I am going with Dorr in the morning to the SUV to get other things from the vehicle, as well as snap a few photos. Pray that things go smoothly, and that we are able to finish the trip to Michigan.

Ill keep this as updated as possible, but feel free to call or text me with comments, questions, or concerns. Just keep praying. And praising. And glorifying His name.

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