August 2, 2011

Tuesday Talk

Hello Caring Family Members and Friends,

I write you encouraged by what God has done. In a very short amount of time there has been much that has happened. We have made it to Canton, where a good sleep was so desperately needed.

My (Brian) mother, who is a nurse, came last night, and sort of retreated and dressed the wounds, and to her everything looked ok. This morning Dorr was out washing Brandon's car, so he is fine, and apparently back to normal. Kelly is very very sore, and her back is hurting a lot. She is starting to notice more bruises than before. Jaci looks like she is healing really well. It seemed like there were a lot of things that needed to be washed a few times before it heals properly. Her eye looks pretty bad, but the swelling has gone down dramatically. Then Nancy is very sore, and has bruises on the right side of her body.

Please continue to pray for them as their bodies fight to recover properly. Thanks for your support!

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