August 1, 2011


Quick post:

This morning when they woke up, Dorr was up and at em. He has lots of blood on his pants. We are going to pick up the items from the vehicle, which is about an hour away. He has some intense stitches on his head, and some other places where you can see that glass cut him, and other than that he is just sore.

Jaci was alive and well today. I made a comment to her that she was acting like she did every other morning when I saw her before work. She was fully conscious, and very aware with what is going on. With exception to the cuts and bruises, I wouldnt have said anything was wrong or different about her. She looks bad on the surface, but he feisty self is well underneath. Pray that none of her cuts get infected, and she can keep them clean. She is also very bruised up as well. Quite the turnaround from being taken away from the scene in a helicopter!

Nancy is still sleeping. She was awake every time Dorr was up last night, though, which is a good thing, seeing that she did have a concussion.

Pray that everything goes well today. I will update as I can. Remember to praise God that they are all alive. Glorify God in everything.

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