August 1, 2011

Oh My


I just have returned from Effington, Illinois, where Dorr and I went to the vehicle to gather the bags and strewn items, as well as to the crash site.

I praise God with all my heart and mind that my wife and her family are alive. There are not words that can describe the car itself. I will post pictures when I am not on such slow internet. As one of the hospital workers mentioned to Dorr, he said "Well obviously your work as a missionary is not done yet."

God has his timing for everything. This is an awful experience and time, yes, but also a time of reflection and praise. Praise for time to spend with love ones. Praise to get another day to glorify God in words and deeds. Praise to lift up His name.

We will be leaving Terre Haute in a few minutes, and will be in Michigan within a few hours.

Pray that our trip goes smoothly, and that the Lord will comfort the three ladies who are sore while they sit in the car.

Also, on another note, Kelly does not have her cell phone, so she cannot receive messages or calls. Please continue to pray for everyone.

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