August 1, 2011

The Car

This is the first sight when I walked up to the vehicle. All parts that were part of the crash, including luggage, bumpers, lights, etc, were inside (or on the hood) of the car. As you can see, they backed up the vehicle right to the trees and bushes, where the ants and bugs had their share of the spilled food that had been thrown and was inside the car. 

This is the side view of the car. You can see how the roof was damaged downward, putting the inside and outside like a small accordion. All of the doors opened, but needed force, as the hinges were tight. All of the items were in there, along with the remnants of what the medics used and disposed of. 

From the back, you can see that the car is no longer symmetrical. The door didnt open up, and most of the luggage was in the rear. Lots of dirt was inside the bumper, as well as inside the vehicle itself. Funny story: Kelly and I packed a bag of gluten free food for the trip in a grocery bag. The bag didnt survive, as well as much of the food inside. The one item that stood out was the bag of brownie mix. I pulled it out, and realized it popped, leaving a trail of brownie mix all over the suitcases, making them appear dirty, but making them smell really good.

Graphic photo. This, you can see, is the driver's seat, where Jaci was. Her blood is on the side air bag as well as the door itself. We still are trying to figure out what her injuries are from. Either way, we are glad she is ok.

We drove to the crash site on our way back to the women. We decided to walk around, and at that point look for Jaci's shoes. All we really found were candies that were thrown from the car. After it flipped 5 times over a stretch of over 150 feet, we found candies past the final resting place of the car over 30-40 feet away, as well as up the hill towards the service drive. There were many part of the car itself in the grass. 

It is amazing to see that these four walked away with minor injuries. We made it to Canton, and will continue to update. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Please read the next post after this. Thanks!

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