August 27, 2011

catching up

  Guess we've been away for a while. Just trying to get back into the swing of things after the accident, family visits, friend's wedding, family vacation, etc....

  So big news most who read this already know - it's a baby girl we'll be having! I've already got a tub that's half way full of baby clothes. Our family has been so generous and loving :).  AND!!!!! Today we went out and bought our first color of paint for the nursery! I'm excited cuz it's the first step we've taken towards really preparing for this little girl. We have cabinet Brian's parent's had given us and for some reason I have always had a vision of turning it into a baby changing table - even before we were really considering getting pregnant. And I've always had this crazy yellow color in my head in which I wanted to paint the cabinet. I actually was super surprised I even found the color - it's a weird retro yellow with a hint of greenness. Sound awful, but works beautifully in my head.

  I'll be sure to post a picture once we start setting up a nursery. Which.....actually we are waiting till we move till that happens. We both are so anxious and ready to be somewhere new, set up a new home, start a new job (for Brian), and start really preparing for our little one. So with our hopes set high we're expecting to move during September or October. We'll be finding out next week should all go well :).

  And as we wait, I have started back to work with the beautiful little kids I love to care for. I've been feeling really good and am hoping to get in as many hours as I can until we either move or I realize I need to slow down. I just love loving those kids every day that I am there. I've become so fond of helping them learn how to talk, teaching them new nursery rhymes, getting excited over silly things, and rocking them to sleep. While I hate how abandoned and in turmoil their little lives are, I love knowing that at the end of the day they had someone to offer comfort and love to them.... even if it was just me - their afternoon shift.

  Lastly on a sad note, Jaci, who was living with us all summer, moved out today. She's heading off to better and greater things, and I really am so excited for her. A job at a hair salon awaits her at home as well as cosmetology school. It's so fun to see such a great opportunity present itself to her right out of high school, and it will be fun and handy to have a hair stylist in the family. But her absence is very much noted in our small apartment, and we will miss her.

 So that pretty much wraps up our summer and sets the platform for fall. September is always the beginning of fall to me. And Brian and I are hoping Texas magically cools down as the "season changes".

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  1. I love this blog :) you're such a great writer. miss you!