July 20, 2011

plastic, concrete, and great ideals

  Last night as I drove home from work I was thinking about how this has by far been my favorite job, and it's one I would love to have forever. And yet, as much as I like the organization I work for and I appreciate their vision and what they strive after, it's more than apparent that they don't even come close to meeting the needs these children have. As I thought about why that was, I realized that it's easy for a few people to have a great vision and much much harder for 140 staff to make that a reality. For starters, I would guess that the majority of the staff have accepted it as simply a job that pays the bills. And I could go on..........but this actually isn't where my thoughts took me.

   As I continued driving and pondering - not always a safe thing for me to do, but I promise I was paying attention to the road - I thought about how in reality none of it was meant to be. God never intended for all these children to be neglected or abused, nor did He intend for the government to remove them all from their homes. And I can see where good hearted people saw a problem and lovingly wanted to give an alternative and safer solution for these kids. I by far get that. But it really struck me as incredibly that organizations that were born out of the most well meaning and heart felt intentions still don't come close to healing the brokenness of this world.

  And while I by no means think we should get rid of foster care or children homes, I realize the weakness and  incapability of man. And if organizations that are solely created out of compassion for others and a desire to heal the broken fall so short of being good and right, how much more does this made up world fail to be right?  Our society values education with no end in sight, and yet - its completely man and made, and I wouldn't say our education system thrives on heart felt and and compassionate intentions to educate the uneducated. And I could go on about businesses, and clubs, and sports, and on and on.......... But I won't.

  I know we still have to live in the world that the generations have created for us. I just realize how made up of a world we live in. It's all made up and based on human knowledge which even with the best of intentions is  still fallible and doesn't come close to solving the present problems. Which is why I am so thankful for a Savior who is able to save us from it all.  I'm thankful for a God who sees and cares, and Who will one day make all things right. I'm thankful for a God who makes the sun rise on our made up world so we can go live our made up lives and maybe, just maybe catch a glimpse of who He is.

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