July 27, 2011

a good 24 hours

  It's such a great feeling to have a good 24 hours of living that leave you feeling content and satisfied with the life you're currently surrounded by. I started out just thinking it was a great day because I have the day off and the apartment all to myself. But then I couldn't forget the feeling I got when I rocked a crying baby to sleep last night. It was such a beautiful thing to cuddle a small soul and bring comfort to his uncomfortable world. And I can't forget the sadness of yesterday when I found out my little 2 year old buddy was gone. I knew the day was coming. I knew some day soon I would show up to work and he'd be gone - yesterday was the day. And even though I was a little heartbroken, I can't help but smile at how we became friends and how much I loved him. It was so worth it.

   And the meaningful sentiments have only flowed into today. I got to hear our little one's heartbeat once again. Such a reassuring sound. Even more reassuring was walking out of the doctor's office with my husband - a smile on his face because his baby had just become a little more real to him. I'm so lucky to have him to take care of me and care about the children we'll raise.

   And now here I sit listening to worship music, finishing my last sips of tea, and reflecting on all the small but profound moments that have filled the last few hours. It's good to have some rest during the day especially when it brings the gratitude flowing out. I will soon be off to read my beloved St. Augustine and eat a baked sweet potato - health to my soul and body. Enjoy your day; God is good :)

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