July 19, 2011

food and life :)

   I've been so into food since I've been pregnant. Mainly because I love the feeling of eating something that 1. is super good and 2. is super healthy. I love feeling like I'm eating a bowl full of health and knowing it's going straight to my little baby. Gluten free/non-instant oatmeal was my choice for this morning :).

   My bowl of oatmeal was enjoyed as I read through the routine blogs I check out. Sometimes I find this blogging world strange. Why am I so interested in people's lives (some whom I've never met)?  And yet, I still love to read them. And I picked up blogging myself because I stopped journaling and wanted someway to still have a record of thoughts and things done in years past. For some reason blogging seemed like an easy solution.
   And now I'm so glad I am keeping track of it all. It's funny how Brian and I are already in the moving mindset and we don't even know where we're going. But we talk about it a lot. Of course we laugh and dream about being moved to Italy or England, and then we admit that Wyoming or somewhere in the middle of nowhere will probably be our fate. Either way, we're getting ourselves ready. If only we knew when and where.....although.... the anticipation is fun too.

   And now I must be off to get myself ready for another day of work. I always DREAD going into work for the first time each week. I have no idea why. Once I get there I'm always excited to see the kids and get little hugs and love them just a little more. I imagine today will be the same :).

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