July 28, 2011

First Dual

Kelly and I have decided that we were going to write a dual blog, and I guess after kelly has posted so many that I should take my stab at this. It is strange for me to jump back into this for multiple reasons. One major one is the fact that I wrote for my school's blog for four straight years, 3 posts (minimum) a week about what I did. It was exhausting looking back on it. I mean, I always wrote things, but to be creative with what goes into a blog gets old really fast. The second reason is my military contract, and the operational security with how much information I actually release. In other words, I cant post things specific to work.

So with all that said: hello world. I am back to tell of the musings of my heart and mind.

Ill start with something that happened recently. In April I bought a Ford pickup. It was probably not the best decision, but since then I have learned much about cars, their parts, and what to do next time in buying a used vehicle. Either way, I got in an accident with it. The other guy drove off, which was great since I hit him, messing up my bumper. Being the cheap guy I am, I have been trying to fix it myself. I have pulled over 6 bolts from the bumper, and have sawed through the fram of it in 4 places. I have two bolts left.

Basically I guess I am trying to say that 1. I will be busy with that this weekend, and 2. there are so many life lessons in this, it is amazing. Attention to detail (driving), Be Careful, Taking your time doing this will be a benefit in the end...the list goes on. I just have learned a lot, and glad Kelly is letting me drive her to work so I can use our other car while mine is incapable of moving safely. Blessings, Brian.

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