July 5, 2011

The Beginning

   This is the beginning of a new blog. Why? Mainly because I got tired of looking at my old one, but also because Brian and I have been talking about starting a blog together. Whether he chooses to write on this one or not is up to him, but I made it "Meagher friendly" enough for the both of us. I wanted him to feel included if he chose to be:).

    I can't tell you how much I hate coming up with names for things. And I hated thinking about making another blog simply due to the fact that I would have to name it. I hate boring or obvious names, but I've never really been into something cool or trendy either. So The Meagher Covenant it is. For starters, it lends more to us as a couple if Brian ever wants to post, but it also reflects the path we've chosen in life.

   We had our share of dreams. Two college students getting married a few months after graduation - how can the future not be filled with ideals and high hopes of that perfectly adventurous life?  And since then we've seen more of reality than we would care to admit. We've let go of our heart's desires, we've said no to opportunities we wanted to take, and sickness has killed a lot of ambition for the both of us. But at the end of the day we have always come around to remember that above all those hopes and dreams we made a covenant to each other and to God that we would be faithful to one another and look out for each other.

  So as I start this blog with our first baby on the way and a completely blank page as to where we will be when he/she is born or what job Brian will have for that matter, I have to say I'm excited about the wait and the anticipation. I hope you join along....

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