June 23, 2016

Because this is how we roll...

Last week I took the kids out during nap time. We visited the new library and then took a walk down a familiar trail in the 90 degree weather. I let the older kids take off their clothes and play around in the nearby creek to cool off. 

Rori told me it was the best day of her life. 

Two days ago we went to visit our neighbors two hours past bedtime. The kids caught the 84 year old man push mowing his lawn and they couldn't help but run out and give him a hug. From there he sent us in to say hi to his wife, and after a fun little journey through her flower garden he took the kids out to catch lightening bugs for bedtime night lights.

Yesterday she stopped by with a vase of flowers and told me to bring the vase back anytime I needed new flowers for the house.

Today we spent all day at a friend's house. We arrived in the morning, coffee in hand, and headed out just after nap time with the kids' hands full of snacks. 

When we got back home, my sister watched the kids as I headed out for a quick errand and grabbed the mail. A realtor had sent us a postcard asking us how our house compared to the newest listing in the area. 

I smirked and snapped a picture and thought, "It compares just fine."

We're moving again. 

All our "outings" have been potential buyers scouting out our house. And that postcard - it's our home on the front. We're the newest listing.

I've spent a good portion of the last two weeks shuffling the kids out of the house for showings while Brian and I have been scouring listings in Dallas for what will be our fifth home. This will be our fourth out of state move and fittingly Brian is currently across the country buying what will be the tenth vehicle whose title we have owned.

You could say stability isn't necessarily our forte. 

It's a tough move that came fairly suddenly. And I can't say I'm not sad to leave.

The library, the walking trail, our sweet neighbors, and my kind friends... this house. It's another whole life we'll pack up and file away in our repertoire of lives lived. I find myself trying to savor a few sweet moments here and there amidst the chaos this move has brought.

It'll be a blink of the eye and I'll be settling in as the new girl once again.

April 13, 2016

Life with three

I semi-expected three children to feel pretty crazy and a bit chaotic right off the bat. And instead we've just all gotten really good at taking naps - except for Rori who has never needed a nap in her life. 

While I definitely feel like there isn't enough of me to go around, there's a sense of calm that seems to have invaded the house. Because it doesn't really matter if the laundry and dishes are all done or if the floor has been swept - we're just going to roll with what got done, leave the rest for another time, and take a nap on the couch when we need to. 

I've come to learn that life as a mom is a lot about knowing when it's okay to have really low standards and when you need to kick your butt in gear and knock that bar up a notch or two. Newborns, sickness, and traveling husbands all warrant low expectations on how the days are going to go. And by low expectations, I mean not beating myself up at the end of the day or getting overly frustrated at what didn't get done. Lowering the expectations generally leaves me happier and my little charges happier as well. 

And speaking of the charges, the kids have done great with this new little person entering the family. They're both so in love with Emmett. Judah asks to hold him all the time, and Rori just loves to stare at him and tell me how pretty he is.

I've been trying to consciously spend more time with the two of them since it feels like my tone was an endless "no" from being nine months pregnant and now being in postpartum recovery. So the last few days I've been looking for ways to be more positive and say yes a bit more. Although I did tell Rori she couldn't have cookies and coffee for breakfast this morning. She's a girl after her momma's own heart. 

And then there's sweet little Emmett. That's just about all I can say about the little guy - he's just so sweet.

 And calm. He's very calm.

And maybe that's it. Maybe Emmett is the calm that has come to the house when I was expecting a little chaos instead.

 I'll take it.

I'll take all ten pounds of it.

April 6, 2016


I had forgotten how much I love newborns. I know it isn't everyone's favorite baby stage, but gosh, I love it. I love how squirmy and cuddly they are, their little wrinkles and soft baby skin, and that sweet newborn smell. 

With Emmett being our third, I'm not quite sure how many more we'll have, so this time around I've literally just sat on the couch every day and soaked in his newness and held him close.

I just love holding him, and I miss him when I'm up doing something else. I think I just know this time how fast it's going to go. How fast this little guy will soon be two and walking and talking. And I do look forward to that, but for now, I just want him to stay this tiny little being. 

I want him to keep that sweet smell and awkward jerks and his mini little clothes. (Especially when those little clothes are the softest, organic cotton gifted from Whole Parenting Goods. I swear Nell is the kindest person I have ever met.) I want his tiny fists and scrunchy feet to stay just the way they are. And I wish he could fit into little baby hats forever. 

I just love all the newborn-ness and I wish it would stay around just a little bit longer.  I'm sure in reality I couldn't live in an endless world of newborn, because, at some point I'd have to sleep again. But I sure feel like I just don't ever want to give this miniature person up. 

So stay small, little man. Stay small as long as you can. 

April 2, 2016

One Week New

  And just like that, a week has passed since this little boy in blue joined our family. 

Meet Emmett James rolling in at a hefty 9 lbs. 10 oz. 

I signed up to be induced the day after my due date. It was pretty much the exact opposite approach I had with my other two pregnancies, but I was just so done being pregnant. My ribs and back had been in constant pain for a few weeks (which I now know was due to his mammoth size), and I had been having steady contractions for several days leading up to his due date. I waited it out just past 41 weeks with the other two, only to see an induction date, so this time around I didn't see any sense in waiting another week to be induced. 

God was merciful and I showed up for my induction already in early labor which is exactly what happened with Judah. I was so, so thankful. And after a week of contractions being 5-12 minutes apart I decided I just wasn't going to deal with them anymore, so I opted for an early epidural. 

And then I slept all day.

It was so perfectly restful. 

Brian and I worked on nailing down names in between my naps. This whole pregnancy we've both leaned towards the thought that we were having a girl which may be because our girl name had always been set while we struggled to truly land on a boys name. It's easier to picture having a girl when you've had your heart set on her name for months. But as we were settling into our hospital room, I told Brian I really thought it was going to be a boy. 

The morning seemed to fly by, and our nurse assured us around noon that we would have a baby in our arms by 2 p.m at the very latest. Unknown to her, I never fully dilate to a 10. I never have. And the problem with moving often and having to change OB's (this was my 4th), is that they've all tried to wait it out.
I suppose it's not really a problem per se, maybe just more of an inconvenience. Anyway,... we waited until 4:30ish rolled around and Brian headed out to tell the doctor I was done and we needed to get this show on the road. 

How I love that man. 

And with four medical staff working very hard and three contractions later, we had a baby boy in our arms.  

He was a hefty little guy and his shoulders caused a bit of a problem during delivery. I now fully understand why some doctors say some babies are too big to be born naturally.  Emmett was almost that baby. I asked the nurse what their next plan was if they couldn't get him out and she said she honestly wasn't sure, but it probably would have been surgery. She said it was the worst stuck shoulder she's ever seen. Lovely. I'm so glad we didn't hit that 41 week mark with this already big babe. 

We had Rori and Judah come meet their little brother later that night. Rori came in and of course guessed she had a new baby sister. It was all she could do to hold back the tears when I told her Emmett was a boy, But she held them back and asked to hold him, and I was so proud of her. Judah on the other hand was so distracted by the hospital room, I'm not sure he even noticed that there was a baby in the room despite our efforts. And we got no pictures of the event because we had our camera on video instead. 

So we just went ahead and pretended Emmett was a first born and snapped a half family photo before we left the hospital. Lucky little third born. ;)

Emmett's first week as part of the family has been a bit on the bumpy side. Judah and Rori have been sick ever since he came home, and Brian had  to slip out in the mean time for a quick work trip for a day and a half. Thankfully we've had family in town to help because two sick kids and a newborn is no joke. 

But sweet Emmett, we are so glad you're here. 

Welcome to the family, Bud.